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Dosha Types Explained: Kapha

Posted by Zoe Gregorance on
Doshas represent dynamic and unique energies found within our body. In order to achieve balance, we must know how to care for our dosha. Ayurveda recognizes three doshas, each associated with specific physiological functions. Although we can have different combinations of energies, we all have one dominant dosha, which can explain our personality traits, why we prefer certain climates or crave specific foods.
Since this dosha type is linked to the elements of earth and water, it’s primary characteristics are linked to growth and the role of body fluids. Generally, Kapha’s are easy-going and gentle. They have a heavy, sturdy build and tend to store much energy. Kapha’s also have slower digestion and immense dislike for cold environments.
A balanced Kapha has good health and a reliable immune system. They are known to be very calm and provide stability in their social circles. Kapha’s typically have great long-term memory and a slower speech or thought process, which accurately reflects their thoughtfulness. When a Kapha is unbalanced, they become lethargic, prone to depression and experience erratic disruption of mental clarity. Imbalance for this dosha type may become problematic, resulting in congestion and even contributing to obesity.

How Kapha’s achieve balance…

★ Keep active + always accept new experiences!

★ Be wary of those with bad intentions (no one should never take advantage!)

★ Meditate regularly (it is important to keep in touch with your emotions!)

★ Eat lots of greens + spices while avoiding oily, processed foods


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