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Dosha Types Explained: Vata

Posted by Zoe Gregorance on
Doshas represent dynamic and unique energies found within our body. In order to achieve balance, we must know how to care for our dosha. Ayurveda recognizes three doshas, each associated with specific physiological functions. Although we can have different combinations of energies, we all have one dominant dosha, which can explain our personality traits, why we prefer certain climates or crave specific foods.
Since this dosha type is linked to the elements of air and ether, it’s primary characteristics are linked to movement. Generally, Vata’s are creative, fun and excitable, though their moods can be easily changed. This dosha type is tall, slender and often experiences coldness in their hands and feet. Vata’s are active people and function at a fast-pace. They are quick walkers and talkers and are blessed with the ability to rapidly soak up information.
A balanced Vata is high energy, enthusiastic and joyful. Physiologically, balance will result in optimal circulation and outstanding joint and muscle flexibility. Though Vata’s are very fast-paced, they are skilled communicators and have a way with words. A Vata may become unbalanced when faced with stress. In this case, they experience immense anxiety and fear. This may result in impulsive behavior, racing thoughts and even dryness of the skin.
How Vata’s achieve balance…
★ Maintain a regular routine (especially eating and sleeping wise!)
★ Take rest when your body needs it
★ Engage in regular, moderate exercise (yoga and walking is great!)
★ Choose easy to digest foods like berries, nuts, rice + beans

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