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Dosha Types Explained: Pitta

Posted by Zoe Gregorance on
Doshas represent dynamic and unique energies found within our body. In order to achieve balance, we must know how to care for our dosha. Ayurveda recognizes three doshas, each associated with specific physiological functions. Although we can have different combinations of energies, we all have one dominant dosha, which can explain our personality traits, why we prefer certain climates or crave specific foods.
Since this dosha type is linked to the elements of fire and water, it’s primary characteristics are linked to metabolism and digestion. Generally, Pitta’s are highly courageous, driven and focused individuals who naturally have a fiery side. Physically, they are medium-build and strong. They typically dislike warm weather and feel uncomfortable in the heat.
A balanced Pitta has strong digestion and appetite. Not only does appetite pertain to food, but also success in their endeavors. Balance results in confidence, assertiveness and passion.This individual is competitive and is always up for a challenge. With these bold characteristics, it’s no wonder Pitta’s are drawn to leadership roles. When a Pitta is unbalanced, this may stir up aggression and impatience. Under stress, Pitta’s tend to feel irritated and angered, often experiencing debilitating temper tantrums. Within the body, imbalance may manifest itself in the form of stomach ulcers, insomnia and inflammation of the skin. 

How Pitta’s achieve balance… 

★ Avoid fried + spicy foods

★ Devote energy to generosity, kindness + self-control

★ Refrain from alcohol + tobacco

★ Choose sweet + water-dense produce like cucumbers, avocados + mangos


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