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Company Manifesto


At Bohana we believe in 'free spirit snacking'. Listening to your body and doing what works for you.  We are more than just a popped water lily seed snack. We are on a 'free spirit snacking' mission, striving to spread love, positivity and wellness through Ayurvedic principles. In a time where restrictive diets rule our feeds, we lose touch with our body’s needs and desires. Ayurveda believes that if you tune in, figure out what works for your unique, individual self, it will ultimately lead to the best health and wellness for YOU.  


Bohana’s popped water lily seeds, also known as makhana, have been consumed in India for thousands of years and come from this same place of natural and spiritual goodness. We’ve reinvented this ancient puffed snack to fuel our unique selves with nothing but protein packed, plant-based love. So however you chose to find your balance, Bohana can come along for the journey.  


We promise to always create food, that is natural, nutritious, honest and delicious.


We hope you’ll join us on our mission to spread the love for 'free spirit snacking'!