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Bohana's Free Spirit Flow featuring Noelle

Posted by Zoe Gregorance on

In the spirit of International Women's Month we're featuring a woman every Friday who inspires us and embodies living life as a Free Spirit! At Bohana, we believe in and practice Free Spirit Snacking, which is all about tuning in and not out and simply just listening to your body and feeding your soul.

Meet Noelle. As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Noelle teaches people how to self-heal through holistic nutrition, plant-based medicine and and sacred self-love rituals. Her goal is to inspire lifestyle transformations that will improve health and wellness. Check out her blog for amazing recipe ideas and self-care hacks!

Free Spirit Self-Care Routine: Face masks, hot tonics, cooking for a lover, soaking in a bath full of flowers, long walks in nature.

Free Spirit Rituals: Thanking my body for its strength and the universe for blessing me with this life every morning before my feet hit the floor, covering myself with essentials oils, hydrating with warm lemon water, stretching and massaging my body with love.  

Free Spirit Mantra: "All the answers I seek are inside of me and I grant myself permission to trust in my intuition."

Free Spirit Sign: Sparkles! Spreading that magic and joy inside and out, always.

Free Spirit Anthem: More Love- Rebelution

Free Spirit Dance Move: Twerking and any booty/hip shaking is my go to.

Free Spirit Read: Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Free Spirit Activity: Dancing in my underwear while tidying up my room and putting non-toxic makeup on my face for a day full of slaying.

Free Spirit Crush: Myself! I've been trying to focus on making me more me and hopefully attracting the best in someone else. But I love a good man-bun ;)

Free Spirit Animal: Mermaid! Not sure if this counts but I feel this energy intensely. The ocean frees my soul!

How do you live your Free Spirit life?

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