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Bohana's Free Spirit Flow featuring Afenya

Posted by Zoe Gregorance on

In the spirit of International Women's Month we're featuring a woman every Friday who inspires us and embodies living life as a Free Spirit! At Bohana, we believe in and practice Free Spirit Snacking, which is all about tuning in and not out and simply just listening to your body and feeding your soul.

Meet Afenya. She is is an advocate for diverse entrepreneurship and provides resources for creative entrepreneurs to build a business plan. As the founder of the iCAN collective, Afenya has built a networking platform that allows young entrepreneurs to develop meaningful connections and provides them with a collaborative environment of motivated leaders.

Free Spirit self-care routine: A weekly charcoal mask and hanging out with my 3 daughters

Free Spirit rituals: Starting and ending the day with prayer

Free Spirit mantra: "What's for you will not pass you"

Free Spirit sign: A royal crown (Queenin')

Free Spirit anthem: Bossy- Kelis

Free Spirit dance move: The Snake

Free Spirit read: Essence Magazine

Free Spirit activity: Watching reality tv and shows like The Masked Singer

Free Spirit crush: My husband, Woody

Free Spirit animal: I took a personality test and it told me I'm a wolf so it's been a wolf ever since

How do you live your Free Spirit life?

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