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Mindful Eating

Posted by Zoe Gregorance on

Ayurveda believes that everybody is unique. Listening to your body and fueling it with food that makes you feel good will lead to ultimate wellness and health. You don’t need to subscribe to a specific diet to be healthy but rather focus on tuning into your body and learn what works best for you. Mindful or intuitive eating is similar to Ayurveda in that this style of eating focuses on mind body connection. This sense of awareness allows you to listen to your hunger signals and develop healthy eating patterns. Over time, your eating habits will become a part of a lifestyle that will leave you feeling balanced and satisfied.

Tune into your body

Food does many things for the human body; it provides us with energy, tantalizes our taste buds and makes us feel comfort. Whereas the fundamental purpose of food is to fuel our body, we do not just eat to satisfy our physical hunger. With mindful eating, you will learn more about your relationship with food and your body’s hunger patterns. Too often, we rely on our mind’s wants rather than our body’s needs. By tuning in, we are listening to our body and will learn to differentiate between physical signs of hunger and emotionally urges to eat. This sense of self-awareness will transform your perspective on food and will empower you to choose healthy, nourishing foods to fuel your body!
Be in the moment

It is important to avoid distractions when eating because these distractions make it harder to listen to our body’s signals. If we are multitasking, we tend to eat too fast or overeat past the point of being full. Try putting your phone away and eating away from the screen. Eating a meal at the table without multitasking brings more awareness to your plate. When you eat, you should be able to slow down, taste the food and enjoy the experience. If you are practicing mindful eating in a social setting, focus on being in the moment with good food and great conversation. 

Connect to your plate

Did you ever think about where your food comes from? Whether you purchase food from the grocery store or are enjoying a home cooked meal around the table with family and friends, train yourself to practice gratitude. Acknowledge the work that went into planting and harvesting and the love that went into preparing the delicious meal. Thinking about how our food is produced, the people involved in the process and even the cultural ties to our favorite dishes will make us feel more connected to the foods we eat.

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