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Ayurvedic Spices

Posted by Zoe Gregorance on

In Ayurveda, it is believed that undigested food remains in the body as toxic material. The accumulation of toxins or “ama” results in poor digestion, affects nutrient absorption and the flow of waste. Incorporating these Ayurvedic spices into your everyday routine can improve digestion, support healthy metabolism and help remove ama from the body.

Turmeric: This vibrant, yellow spice is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric boosts immune function while also detoxifying the liver.

How to use: Add to season sauteed veggies or sip on a flavorful turmeric latte


Cumin: This spice is commonly used in Middle-Eastern cuisine. Cumin flushes out toxins and aids in digestion.

How to use: Add cumin to lentil soups, chili, easy homemade falafel or your favorite rice dish.

Coriander: This aromatic spice has amazing benefits; coriander aids in digestion, purifies the blood and has a cooling effect on the body.

How to use: Add to dhals and vegetables for an extra kick!

Fennel: This spice has a licorice flavor and is great for proper digestion. According to Ayurveda, this spice is beneficial to Pitta’s because it enhances “agni”, the digestive fire.

How to use: Add fennel seeds to soup stock or combine with cucumber, onion and dill for a refreshing salad dish.

Cardamom: This spice is “tridoshic” and benefits all three dosha types. With its warming effect, cardamom is a digestive aid and helps reduce bloating.

How to use: Use cardamom to spice up a fruit salad or incorporate this spice into a sweet pudding dessert!

Cinnamon: This spice is commonly used in sweet dishes and combines well with other Ayurvedic spices. With its sweet aroma and warming effect, cinnamon works to balance digestion and settle stomach discomfort.
How to use: Sprinkle cinnamon on top of sweet rice pudding, use to bring out bold flavors in curry vegetable dishes or boil into an herbal tea!




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