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Meet Bohana's Female Founders

Posted by Zoe Gregorance on
As co-founders of Bohana, Nadine and Priyal are spiritual junkies, curious to learn about some of the world’s most ancient practices and traditional superfoods.When Priyal introduced this puffed super snack to Nadine, she was hooked and made it her go-to snack too! The two never looked back and vowed to bring this ancient super snack to free spirit snackers everywhere!
Meet Nadine! 

I grew up in Dubai and met Priyal when she married my childhood friend Vishal her now husband and moved to Dubai as well. I spent my career working in marketing and communications in luxury fashion and hospitality. Before Bohana I lead the communications for French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent across 9 countries in the Middle East.  

When Priyal introduced lily seeds to me while I was finishing up business school, I was intrigued by the ingredient and the opportunity it could have in the US. We were both always interested in wellness and the role of food, so together we built Bohana. Since Bohana was born while I was finishing up business school we made a great network of advisors and decided to stay in Boston and base the company there to start. 

My favorite way of using Bohana is in a trail mix of my favorite sweet and salty snacks!

Meet Priyal 

I grew up in India and went to the University of Pennsylvania for my undergrad. Post University, I came back to work for my family business in India. I was working in the agriculture sector and was tasked with launching tea brands in the Indian market. A few years later, I married Vish, Nadine's high school classmate and moved to Dubai. We became instant friends. 

At my family business, I was deeply involved in the supply chain side of the tea industry. I was in the fields, understanding how tea is grown. I studied the whole process from leaf to cup. The supply chain background greatly helped me in Bohana too, where I manage the operations side of the business. We source our water lily seeds from India and built a unique supply chain wherein we source our seeds directly from the farmer in a sustainable way. 

I grew up in India eating popped water lily seeds, they were a delicious childhood snack. When I rediscovered this snack a few years ago and realized it was an Ayurvedic superfood I became completely obsessed with it. I was an Ayurvedic junkie at that point and had seen how this holistic science had helped me and those around me. I connected with Ayurveda’s ethos of the mind and body being related and eating in a way that works for your unique body. Nadine was finishing up her MBA in Boston then, so we decided to launch in the US market and base the business in Boston. 

I love it as croutons on my salad, for an extra crunch. 

Bohana is way more than just a popped water lily seed brand. While Nadine and Priyal rediscovered this ancient seed to share with everyone around the world, they are on a Free Spirit Snacking mission, striving to spread love, positivity and wellness through Ayurvedic principles. In a time where restrictive diets rule our feeds, we lose touch with our body’s needs and desires. Ayurveda is all about tuning in and learning what works best for you. This is what we believe at Bohana. Listen to your body, feed your soul. Every body is unique and adopting a lifestyle conducive to your dosha will allow you to live your best life. 

Check out our dosha quiz to learn how to best take care of your unique self! 

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