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Dogs & Doshas

Posted by Zoe Gregorance on
Ayurveda is an ancient, mind-body life science that categorizes our personal body types into unique doshas. Understanding your dosha is the best way to care for your body’s needs and will allow you to thrive. We came across this article
and realized that Ayurveda also applies to our furry companions. In applying the Ayurvedic principles to our pets, we can learn so much about their needs and desires. Making environmental adjustments, nourishing them with proper food and providing personalized care can transform their entire life. Just as imbalances can occur in humans, these same imbalances can occur in our dogs and lead to behavior change and affect their overall well-being. As a dog-owner, you have the power to make a difference and be proactive about your dog’s lifestyle. The bond between a person and their dog is extremely powerful and it is important to consider how your dog’s well-being is a reflection of your own.

Pitta’s are fiery in nature and their primary characteristics are linked to metabolism and digestion. They are typically courageous, driven and are the leader of the pack. They typically dislike warm weather and feel uncomfortable in the heat.

An Imbalanced Pitta

-May feel impatient and experience unbearable body heat

- May act aggressive in response to inflammation

How To Balance a Pitta

- Cool down their environment: go on a walk in a cool setting or allow them to swim

- Chill them out: make time for relaxation and non-aggressive activities like fetch

Kapha’s are known as “the nurturer” and are linked to the elements of earth and water. They are relatively easy-going, gentle and have an immense disliking for cold environments.

An imbalanced Kapha

- May feel extremely lethargic, weighed down and overprotective in nature

- May experience a lack of mental clarity 

How To Balance a Kapha

- Keep active: engage your dog in daily activity such as a nice scenic walk

- Eat light: feed your dog lighter food options and avoid overfeeding them 

Vata’s are excitable, active and thrive in a fast-paced environment. Since this dosha is linked to the elements of air and ether, their moods can easily be changed. Vata’s are also very sensitive to extreme cold.

An imbalanced Vata

- May easily succumb to stress

- May experience anxiety and fear

How to Balance a Vata

- Warm them up: keep your dog in a warm, cozy place

- Make them feel comfortable: communicate with a calm tone and maintain a predictable, daily routine to ease their stress 

Be sure to take the dosha quiz to find out if you are your dog are dosha twins! 

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