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Invest in Bohana

Today, you are able to directly invest in Bohana and claim your own stake in the company and benefit from our growth! 

We are excited to announce our fundraising campaign on a platform called Republic. This means that you become a part of our journey. In contrast to conventional fundraising campaigns, Republic lets us offer investments at smaller minimum amounts which considerably lowers the barrier to entry and allows more people and our loyal customers to gain an equity stake in Bohana's success! You can invest anywhere from $150-$50,000 via Republic.
As the leaders in introducing the popped water lily seed to the U.S. market we have seen tremendous growth over the past three years and this is just the beginning. In the last year alone, we received two offers on ABC’s Shark Tank, saw 500% annual growth and received thousands of positive reviews from happy customers.  Check out our campaign page to learn more about our progress, vision and the future growth of Bohana and make your investment today! 
For questions about the business and the raise, please ask them directly on the Republic campaign page.