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The Washington Post: 10 Trendy Foods You’ll Soon Be Seeing Everywhere

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10 trendy foods you’ll soon be seeing everywhere


10 trendy foods you’ll soon be seeing everywhere

 Every year, thousands of food brands head to New York to show off their wares and entice buyers from grocery stores to stock their products. It’s a trade show called the Fancy Foods Show, and it’s one of the best places to catch trends before they hit grocery store shelves: New products make their debut here, and months later, they appear on the shelves of your local Whole Foods. (Also, when it comes to free samples, the place is like an all-you-can-eat buffet.) Trendy turmeric? We called it. Gochujang is the new Sriracha, and souping is the new juicing? Yeah, we knew that last year. Here are the flavors and products that are going to be big over the next year:

Ayurvedic food:

(Maura Judkis/The Washington Post)

Ayurveda is the Indian practice of holistic medicine and an important part of it is diet. In Ayurvedic medicine, certain foods and herbs are eaten together to balance out a person’s health and to benefit digestion, immunity and more. While many Indian foods are Ayurvedic, many specialty brands are now expressly branding their products with the term. It goes along with the popularity of other functional or adaptogenic foods.

A company called Dancing Elephant is producing cups of Kitchari, an Indian stew that boasts healing spices. Packaged for convenience, it comes in three flavors: butternut squash and kaffir lime, edamame and curry leaves, and spinach and mint. Atina Foods makes traditional Indian herbal jams, pickles and pastes, from “home recipes evolved from Indian Ayurvedic healing traditions.” Davidson’s Organics has introduced a line of Ayurvedic teas, each with a specific function: weight loss, sleep, digestion, decongestion and general detoxification. A company called Vegan Rob’s makes an “Ashwagandhabar,” an Ayurvedic energy bar that the company says reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Ashwagandha, “one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic healing,” according to the Chopra Center, also appears in a Remedy Organics protein shake with almond milk, maca, cacao nibs and probiotics.

And Bohana, a snack food company, makes bags of air-popped water lily seeds, “one of the most popular seeds in Ayurveda.” They’re similar to popcorn or puffed rice, and come in cheddar, spice or Himalayan pink salt flavor.

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