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Free Spirit Snacking 101

Posted by Zoe Gregorance on
In a world where we are inundated with prescriptive diets and trendy fads, we at Bohana, believe in prescribing to a lifestyle that leaves you feeling satisfied and balanced, hence free spirit snacking. Free spirit snacking is rooted in Ayurveda, a holistic mind body life-science that believes that every individual is unique and no one lifestyle works for everyone. It is all about listening to your body and feeding your soul. 
Every individual is unique and what may work for one body may not for the other. For this reason, you should take a personalized approach to eating. Discover what works for your body and your mind and that will lead to ultimate wellness and health. Free spirit snacking allows you the freedom to choose nourishing and delicious foods that help you achieve balance for your unique body type. Bohana is grain and gluten free, packed with amino acids and minerals, and low in calories and fat, so however you chose to find your balance, Bohana can come along for the journey.
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